Dutch Gourmet Dinner

The pictures do not give this dinner justice! What a great family dinner this is!

Dutch Gourmet Dinner
(using a Dutch gourmet sethttp://touchofnature.com/fallcatalog/dutch_gourmet_sets_fall.htm)
My friend, Mylene, introduced me to the Dutch Gourmet set when she returned from one of her many trips to Holland with a set for me. Her husband, Jon, is from Holland. She also gave me the wonderful Gourmet Sauce recipe!

Meat (chicken and steak)
Chopped vegetables; onions, celery, carrots, garlic, potatoes
Corn, green beans, pea pods, etc.
Teriyaki sauce
Gourmet Sauce

Cut up meat and vegetables and be careful not to use eating instruments in the raw meat or seafood. Put meat, vegetables, sauces, fruit, butter, oil, broth on table in small serving bowls that are easily passed around.

Turn on each burner under each skillet. Put meat and vegetables of your choice in your skillet and cook to your desired amount with butter, oil or broth. Each person should have their own skillet.


John said…
You say you got a gourmet sauce recipe. Care to share it?
Sandy said…
Hey John,
The recipe is just above this post for the gourmet sauce. Tell me if you like it. It came from a friend of mine. We love it!
Sandy said…
Sandy Gelatt said…

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